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18th of January 2018


10 Best Amazon Alternatives for Online Shopping

Best Amazon Alternatives

Be honest, who doesn’t like to treat themselves with a new thing? In case you aren’t a trendsetter, at least every once in a while? Well, online shopping has taken the things to a whole new level nowadays. You’ll be able to scroll up and down, but also get suggestions about similar products. Why get up and take a long stroll through the mall, when you can sit on your sofa, and use the time wisely. What’s best – anything you purchase can be brought to your door! That’s why we’re talking about 10 best Amazon alternatives for online shopping:

If Amazon is the king of online shopping, eBay would be his younger brother. Just like Amazon, eBay allows you to take a look and purchase just about anything! It gets better – you can often find coupons to reduce the price of your favorite items. That way you’re saving quite a bit of money if you use online shopping frequently. Security of eBay is a thing to be proud about. They have a high-rating seller system, where you can see right away if he’s to be trusted or not. Other than that, they protect the buyers through PayPal, to make sure your money isn’t spent until you’re fully satisfied.

One of the biggest grocery market chains in America, Walmart has taken it online. By visiting their website, you can select and order a wide variety of store items or groceries. They are famous for their discounts and usually price-match in order to get you the best deal possible. With this in mind, you are promised a 2-day shipping delay if your order exceeds $35. If you don’t like to wait or need it urgently there is always another option if you have Walmart in your city. Just decide to which store should the item be delivered, and you can pick it up yourself.

Etsy is an extremely valuable website if you’re creative and adventurous. The main focus is the homemade goods and all those items you created, but you are sure are worthless. Why not try Etsy out, post your item, maybe someone will like it? Both vintage goods and craft supplies are an option, which will help you boost your imagination and build a thing of your own. The website has been growing steadily and has a dozen millions of buyers and sellers.

While we’re talking about niches, we must follow the ever-growing IT-trend. Newegg is one of the 10 best Amazon alternatives for online shopping when it comes to electronics and tech. The Forbes magazine has praised this one as “Geek-favorite electronics retailer”, which speaks volumes about it. If you decide to sell any of your tech you have at home, this is the way to go. It doesn’t even have to be newest, anything with an electronic pulse or parts is an option. You never know if someone will like what you have to offer. The only “bad” thing is, just like Etsy, it is meant for a specific type of buyers and sellers.

Alibaba was initially created primarily for Asia market. As the years went by, the popularity has risen, and Alibaba has spread to more than 40 countries all over the world. It has a wide variety of products, but their marketplace’s specialty is wholesale, e.g. selling items in bulk. The catalog has hundreds of millions of products, and it really helps link everything together. By linking we mean both sellers, buyers, and suppliers, and they all have benefits. So, if you’re looking to buy items in bulk and start your own business, Alibaba would be the first choice that comes to mind.

Have you heard about Rakuten before? Our guess is – probably not. That’s because the website has a base in Japan, and a huge amount of sellers are Japanese. But this one isn’t entirely unknown, at least if you tried online shopping back in 2010. If you did, you probably used a website called, and we’re here to tell you – Rakuten is Rakuten bought the company back in 2010 and rebranded it. You can find everything – computer parts, office supplies, but also take care of your health and beauty. With each purchase you receive Rakuten Super Points, allowing you a discount on your next one.

We’re going to guess you rarely read books or buy movies titles if you haven’t heard of Alibris. This website is curated for those, should we say, “geeks” out there. Doesn’t matter what your passion is exactly, you can find it all. You can find textbooks for your classes, but also fiction and romance novels. Improve your cooking or start your business by getting a book from them. Shipping for a cart with +$39 worth of items inside is entirely free, so treat yourself.

This online shopping website is a blessing for those living outside America. Shipping an item from America to your home country can be extremely expensive, and customs can decide to charge you a lot. Sometimes the price of shipping fees and customs exceeds the price of the item itself! That’s where AliExpress comes in and saves the day. It offers great shipping prices or even free shipping in some cases, and it has a plethora of goods. You can find both men and women clothing, phones, and computers, but also toys for your son or jewelry for your wife.

Another competitor to the world of online shopping, and a really great one at that. Bonanza also offers a huge amount of items separated into categories. Whether you’re looking for health and beauty items, jewelry, handbags, or just want to improve your garden’s look, it’s there. As the holidays are approaching, they’re offering 15% and more discounts, which makes items even more irresistible. They provide a lot more if you’re a seller. You have custom Background Burner tool to remove the background from the item you want to sell. They also offer you an easy-to-use web store building tool, so you don’t have to learn programming and coding languages. Just fire it up, and you’re ready to start your online store and a brand.

We arrived at the end of our 10 best alternatives to Amazon for online shopping. We decided to put Ruby Lane on the list because of a unique and extremely beneficial feature. Hear this, they do not charge a commission on top of your sales! It seems they’re doing this out of the goodness of their heart and passion for the vintage but valuable items. The only thing you might not like would be the niche marketplace they offer. They specialize in vintage, old and polished things from the past. Maybe you can decide to sell your Grandma’s kitchen set that is collecting dust? Let it go into the hands of a right buyer. This website has picked a lot of praise from eCommerce brands, because it’s easy to use, has great customer service, and in the end – profitable.

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